Sports Betting Sites in 2021

The Super Bowl is just one day away. The commercial breaks during the game will be filled with adverts from professional and major sports betting websites.

According to a report from the Super Bowl 53 advertising analysis company, nearly a third of all 2020 Super Bowl commercials will be for sports betting companies.

By 2021, online sports betting is expected to be mainstream. But how much more mainstream will it become?

There are many sports betting websites that are listed on the top ten and one of them is this 메이저놀이터 사이트 which takes place in top 3 every year.

How Much More Popular Will Online Sports Betting Become?

Online sports betting has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years. As of October 2016, there were nearly 32m peoples who had reported having placed a bet on sports via the internet.

In the four years between 2014 and 2018, the number of people who had placed sports bet online doubled. In fact, the rise in popularity is thought to be the result of the rising popularity of mobile sports betting.

What’s most interesting is that the rise in popularity is only going to continue. Whilst most other forms of gambling are still relatively marginalized in the US, it is estimated that by 2021, most Americans will have accessed a sports betting website at some point.

However, it’s important to remember that no matter how big the numbers become, the integrity of sports betting is extremely important.

Online sportsbooks are now significantly less trustworthy than bricks and mortar bookmakers. There is an argument that the growing popularity of online betting leads to the dulling of the excitement that traditional bookies provide.

In fact, it’s estimated that 54% of sports bets placed on mobile are made using a bot.

But how can we still trust the companies behind these bots?

I Don’t Use a Bot – Why Should I Trust Online Sportsbook When They Aren’t Able to Verify My Identity?

According to Mico Punolet, Senior Editor at Fast Fantasy Sports, these concerns are misplaced. Whilst the majority of online sportsbooks do have integrity issues, many of them are owned by reputable companies. With expert help and guidance, online sportsbooks can ensure that they are doing all they can to be part of the solution.

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