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Gambling has often been the most risk-ridden game, and bettors ought to normally play it with reckless abandon.

If the bookie is on your side, you’ll almost certainly win. If he’s against you, though, you can expect to be in for a big loss.

On December 1, 2020, however, Nevada residents will be faced with the following question: “Do you think gambling is a sin?” In this poll, the Nevada Constitutional Review Committee is asking voters whether “state’s casino taxes should be spent solely on K-12 education.”

The ballot question comes at a time when many states, including Nevada, are feeling the pinch of the post-recession economic slump you can check the 사설토토 경찰전화 .  

The main culprits in the slide have been the economic downturn, a movement to right-size state government, and the proliferation of gambling options.

According to The Economist, Nevada’s government revenue is going down, with 5,020 fewer employees now than there were in 2010.

The question is part of a series of state constitutional amendments that will go on the 2018 ballot, asking voters to weigh in on the state budget.

The proposition is not part of a broader gambling issue, but is rather separate from the constitutional changes that come up every two years.

In a statement, Nevada’s Secretary of State Adam Laxalt said: “The people of Nevada support our schools, but the current system isn’t making that possible.”

If the proposal passes, Nevada casinos will be funding K-12 education through an excise tax, which takes place when you place a bet on a Nevada casino.

In effect, the funds that casinos send to the state will increase by 3%. In addition, state casinos will be adding an extra 1% to their license fees.

“This would make Nevada the only state with dedicated funding for K-12 education from the state’s casinos,” said Sean Gallagher, vice president of public policy for the Independent Gambling Association.

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